If you desire to join the Children's Ministry team, please contact Kristin Robinson at karisadie1214@gmail.com or Tiffany Rodrigues at Tiffany.Rod530@gmail.com. You can also find out more information about our program on the calendar.

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What are we learning?

Cradle Roll (6mo-20 mo.):

Bible Passage:Matthew & Luke

Bible Stories: The Nativity

Toddler and Preschool age children:

Bible Passage: Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John

Bible Stories: Jesus's birth, boyhood, baptism, John the Baptist, Jesus's teachings

Core Question: What does Jesus teach us about God's love?

Elementary (K-3rd grade) children:

Bible Passage: Daniel, Esther, Nehemiah

Bible Stories:  Daniel, Jonah, Esther, Nehemiah

Core Question: How does knowing God's character help us trust in Him?

Preteen (4th-5th grade):

Bible Passage:

Life Focus: The Bible Project

Core Question: How does creation point to Christ?

"What's in the Bible?" Find out what your Kinder-3rd graders are learning. We will be studying Genesis and Exodus! 

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Easter Reading Videos