Our Worship Services

Anderson Church enjoys a tradition of acapella singing, which simply means to sing without instrumental accompaniment. During our service we include prayer, scripture reading, and song. We participate in communion weekly, followed by a time of giving. Our guests are not required to give. Each week one of our ministers offers a lesson about a portion of the Bible and challenges us to apply the scripture to our lives. Following the lesson there is an Altar Call. This is a time for those wishing to recieve prayer, confess sin, or take on Jesus in baptism.


During this time, plates containing crackers are passed throughout the worship center. The bread/cracker symbolizes the body of Jesus as He sacrificed Himself on the cross. Participants will take a piece of bread, eat it and meditate on His broken body as they pass the tray to the next participant. Next, trays filled with individual cups are passed. The cups contain grape juice symbolizing the blood of Jesus. Each participant drinks the contents of one cup and replaces the cup in the tray. The participant reflects on the forgiveness God offers us through the blood of Jesus as they pass the tray to the next participant.

Classes & Children's Ministries

Sundays and Wednesdays we offer classes for all ages. There are several adult classes and a woman's class that meet at the building.
Our children's classes begin at 6 months through elementary school, junior high and high school.
During Sunday morning service we offer a Children's Worship service for our 2 year-olds through 3rd grade.