In July of 2021 our church lost our beloved Siera Bible Camp to the Dixie fire.  Our camp was located near Canyon Dam, CA on the south side of Lake Almanor and was a longstanding place of ministry to thousands of youth.  Generations of members from our church and many other churches had been a part of that camp since the 1950's when it was first constructed.  To see the camp be lost to fire was devastating to all who grew up attending from all over Northern California.  We have been actively praying and searching for new camp and have not been able to find a location that we could get excited about and that offered the possibilities of our old camp.  We believe the youth are vital to the greater church's future and believe a camp is a way to continually open avenues for the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  


Our church has recently been given an opportunity to purchase another fully developed camp in Northern California called Lassen Pines Christian Camp and even much closer to home.  We believe our prayers are being answered and this has given us a renewed excitement about the possibility of starting camp again.  However, we will need the financial support of many who are able.  We are actively seeking to raise funds to help make up the difference.  It is estimated that $3,000,000 will be needed to complete this transaction.  Of this amount, donation commitments in the amount of $600,000 have already been received.  These remaining funds are needed by September 1, 2023.  

If you are willing and able, please find the link to the donation form.  All donations will be considered fully tax deductible.  Please pray for the Lord's guidance to direct the hearts of those willing to give and to provide wisdom to the leadership of our church throughout this process.  


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Donation Form:

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For Questions, please contact:

    Eric Magrini  530-921-1750

Foundation and handrails of cabin

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